Galician Town

What distinguishes the Galician Town from other places is the fact that it has been conceived as a living piece of history. Visiting is not limited only to watching the historic facades and architectural details – the Town visitors can see what the life was like in the Galician reality. Some typical of the era service points that effectively evoke the reality of those times are composed into the street landscape that is taken from the Austro-Hungarian province of late nineteenth and early twentieth century.

Therefore, there is a  studio photographic atelier, clockmaker’s workshop, post office, old pharmacy and a dentist’s in the Town. In one of the buildings a tailor’s shop and a dwelling were created. In another one, you can see how a gendarmerie station looked like. It is worth to have a look at the barber’s shop, see a potter at work and learn how to operate the wringer. In a room decorated in the style of the old pawn shop you can buy souvenirs from the museum, and at the carver’s workshop not only to admire the artist at work, but also to buy it. And that’s not the end of the shopping – grocery shopping can be done at the colonial shop, which is filled in the aroma of spices, at “Lviv Confectionery” you can supply yourselves in sweet pastries. You can discover the Galician flavours at Galicia C. K. Tavern which serves dishes originated from nations that inhabited the former Austro-Hungary.

It is difficult to imagine the Galician market without the town hall; a slender tower and arcades visible from afar. The Town Hall was built according to the designs of the main office of Stary Sącz authorities, which failed to realize, and now functions as conference hall and a hotel. On the ground floor  the CK Galician Café opens its doors to the guests, temptin us with a seductive scent of freshly roasted coffee. The exhibition hall is situated next to it. On the first floor there is a conference room equipped with multimedia tools and a reading room. For all those who want to spend more time in the Galician environment there are tastefully furnished guest rooms on the top floor (some rooms are also located in the CK Tavern).

A real fulfilment to the picture is, separated by green space, a manoir in Łososina Górna, and the object without which it is difficult to imagine life in the former province – a fire station. The manor is a reconstruction of the original that was destroyed in the 70s of the twentieth century . Behind the wooden gates old cars, fire hoses, helmets, sandals and other accessories necessary to share the fire can be found, and today it would be difficult to imagine them  in action.

Opening ours:

Valid from  1st May until 15th  October:

  • Tuesday-Sunday: 10.00 a.m. – 6.00 p.m. (the last admission to the exhibition is at 5.00 p.m.)
  • Monday – closed

Valid from 16th October until 30th April:

  • Tuesday-Sunday: 9.00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. (the last admission is at 3.00 p.m.)
  • Monday – closed


Admission to the Town is free,  without the interior tour.

Visiting the interior:

  • normal ticket –  7 zł
  • reduced ticket – 5 zł

Admission to the Town that includes the interior tour is free on Saturday.