About The Tavern

Imperial and Royal Galician Inn

Imperial and Royal Galician Inn is a replica of the Jewish Inn from Orawka from the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. Although the object is one of the reconstructions that is forming Galician Town, it is true to the original design, decor and atmosphere that moves us to the days when at the crossroads, in every little village nourishment and beverages awaited for every weary traveller. We care that our guests fell free to join our journey through flavours of Galicia when entering the threshold. Our menu, which is based on  recipes taken from the  ethnic groups cuisine, that were living in our region during the reign of Emperor Franz Joseph I, and dishes derived from the cuisine of the Austria, Germany and Hungary – all harmoniously combined with elements of modern culinary art. On our tables you can find specialties of Polish and regional cuisine – royal broth, red borscht, white sour soup, Galician stew, barberry, hand made pierogi (dumplings), potato pancakes, trout, walleye, liver or traditional pork chops with cabbage and potatoes. Palacsinta, pancakes with spicy, stew meat. (e.g. Hortobágy palacsinta) are one of the most popular dishes of Hungarian cuisine.
Among the aromatic meats you’ll find roast lamb, delicious tenderloin, duck, and pork knuckles. A steak called “Stek Jaśnie Pana”, made from a Emperor Franz Joseph’s I favourite meat  – beef. At the time of “good cysorz” (good emperor), as they called the monarch in Galicia, beef was promoted to the main Viennese cuisine, and the delicacies were brought here all the way from Hungary. Enormous oxen were driven to the Austrian capital on foot, which allowed to get the most soft meat. A wide variety of add-ons such as vegetables, groats, rice or fresh gourmet salads. To meet customer expectations, we also have composed the delicious and healthy menus for children. Finish your meal with one of our imperial desserts – served on-site and at CK Cafe located in the Galician Town Hall building.

Opening hours:

  • From Monday until Friday: 11:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.
  • Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 11:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m (we take last orders half an hour before closing the kitchen)


An unusual day in an unusual style
Galician C.K. Tavern is the perfect venue not only for a nice dinner with family and friends but also for a romantic one. Two stylish rooms can accommodate up to 130 people and are a wonderful setting for the important moments in your life. To celebrate it together with you, we organize parties and events. In our interiors you can spend time with your family, friends, employees and business partners. In any case we are able to adapt our menus to your individual needs, and on request we can provide the musical setting as well. We will do our best to meet all your expectations – we believe that the Galicia Town experience will remain in your memory for a long time.
Everyday dinners
Are you dreaming of a longer vacation from cooking? Maybe you don’t have time for daily cooking? Or may be it isn’t one of your favourite activities? If at the same time you appreciate a tasty and healthy cuisine, a daily home dinners, served in CK Galician tavern, are the perfect solution to your problem!

We offer the opportunity to purchase dinners in everyday packages adjusted to your individual needs – for 5, 10, 15, 20 or 30 days. We offer a real home-cooked meals served in a great Galician surrounding. From Monday to Friday our chef will prepare a tasty and healthy full meal (consisting of two dishes) – with the most fresh ingredients and from homemade recipes.

For the clients purchasing a bigger package we add free coffee, tea, salad, dessert or beer.


We organize:

  • Receptions, Christening parties
  • First Communion parties
  • Special events (birthdays, names days, anniversaries)
  • Business lunches
  • Feasts, banquets
We offer you a real home-cooked meals served in an unusual, Galician environment. In C. K. Galician tavern you will find a rest from life on the run, relaxing in a place where time has stopped. Additionally, a convenient location, easy access and free parking are a great incentive.

Package Prices:

  • 5-day – 75 zł (price of one meal 15 zł)
  • 10-day – 150 zł
  • 15-day – 225 zł (coffee/tea free of charge)
  • 20-day – 300 zł (salad free of charge)
  • 30-day – 450 zł (coffee i dessert / beer free of charge)

Opening hours:

Sun.-Thu.: 11:00a.m.-10:00p.m.

Fri.-Sat.: 11:00a.m.-11:00p.m.

After a hearty meal we offer you
a cup of redolent coffe
and delicious sweets from our


Eggs on a smoked meat – (scrambled eggs) 2 pcs. 9 zł
Lard on a rustic bread with a pickled cucumber 2 pcs. 6 zł
White Detective (herring with sour cream) 100 g 12 zł
Fishy Detective (herring with vegetable oil) 100 g 12 zł
New Tradition (fried regional cheese with cranberries) 2 pcs. 12 zł
Potato pancake with kefir and salmon 150 g 12 zł
Polish prunes entwined in bacon 5 pcs. 12 zł


Potato pancakes with kefir 250 g 17 zł
Shepherd haunch – roasted lamb with a note of herbs 180 g 45 zł
Shepherd’s potato pancakes – potato pancakes with meat goulash 300g/150g 30 zł
Shepherd’s potato pancakes – potato pancakes with lamb goulash 300g/150g 37 zł
Sądecki cabbage classic – sauerkraut-and-meat stew with a lamb burger 300g 20 zł
Baba Yaga’s Duck – duck with gingerbread or cranberry sauce 200g 35 zł
Chicken fillet – grilled or coated in bread crumbs 130g 12 zł
Young hen delicacy – poultry liver with apple 200g 18 zł
Polish set – chuck steak or traditional pork chop with cabbage and potatoes 150/ 140/150 g 25 zł
Beer drinker’s favourite – pickled ham hock 100 g 6 zł
Chef’s white tango – tenderloin steaks in sour cream sauce 150 g 32 zł
Honourable man’s steak – beef steak 200 g 44 zł
Provincial beef tripe 250 g 18 zł
Nobelman’s steak – chuck steak with onion and mushrooms 200 g 26 zł
Countryman’s plate – marinated rib with country groats and cabbage 200/ 100/100 g 29 zł


Royal Bouillon – broth with ravioli 14 zł
Royal Bouillon – broth with noodles 12 zł
Red Borscht – soup made from beets with ravioli 15 zł
Red Borscht (150 g) – soup made from beets with a lamb croquette 18 zł
Red Borscht – soup made from beets with beans 10 zł
Royal Żurek – soup made from fermented rye flour with egg and white sausage 13 zł
Court Żurek – soup made from fermented rye flour served in bread 17 zł
Sour Soup – made from sauerkraut and smoked ribs 15 zł
Fair soup – broad bean (fava) soup 12 zł
Tourist soup / soup of the day 10 zł


Boiled potatoes 150g 5 zł
Baked potatoes 150g 5 zł
Potato splints 150g 5 zł
Barley 150g 4 zł
Rice 100g 4 zł
Salad mix 10 zł
One salad 4 zł
Boiled vegetables 150g 10 zł
Fried cabbage 150 g 8 zł
Dill pickles 150g 5 zł
Thick slice of bread 150g 2 zł


Cipisek’s meal – chicken sticks with chips and carrots 100/ 100/ 80 g 17 zł
Pirate’s treasure – fish sticks with rice/chips in cheese-cream sauce 100/ 100 g 14 zł
Sweet yummies – rice with variety of fruits and sour cream 100 g 20 zł


HM deserter’s favourite – pickled pork knuckle 500g, beef 150g, blood sausage 150g, sausage 150g, grilled chicken fillet 150g cheese coated in bread crumbs with jacket potatoes 150g, side orders 150g, horseraddish, mustard 80 zł


Russian pierogi – dumplings filled with curd cheese and potatoes 10 pcs. 12 zł
Lord’s pierogi – dumplings filled with meat 10 pcs. 14 zł
Pesant’s pierogi – dumplings filled with cabbage 10 pcs. 12 zł
Pierogi with spinach 10 pcs. 14 zł
Pierogi with spinach – baked with parmesan 10 pcs. 17 zł
Galician bowl of pierogi 30 pcs. 35 zł
Tagliatelle – with mushrooms and chicken 150/ 100 g 30 zł


Mistress palacsinta – thin pancake with curd cheese 15 zł
Exquisite palacsinta – thin pancake with chocolate mousse 15 zł
Nanny palacsinta – thin pancake with jam 15 zł
Hortobagy palacsinta – thin, spicy pancake with meat 15 zł



Apple strudel – with whipped cream and ice cream  180 g 10 zł
Fruity varieties – with whipped cream 180 g 15 zł
Apple pie – served warm with whipped cream and ice cream   12 zł
Dessert of the day   12 zł


Fried trout 100 g – with butter 9 zł
Boiled trout 100 g – with vegetables 300 g 9 zł
Salmon – with lemon sauce 200 g / 100 g 33 zł
Pike perch (Zander) – served with spinach in lemon sauce 200 g 33 zł


Czirka – with grilled chicken 25 zł
Rich style – with smoked salmon 26 zł
Mediterranean – with olives 25 zł
Tuna salad 26 zł
Chef’s salad – with live and croutons 30 zł

SPICES  – 0,07 g

Grinded horseraddish 2 zł
Mustard dough 2 zł
Tomatoes 2 zł
Garlic sauce 2 zł
Cranberry sauce 3 zł


Black tea 5 zł
Fruit tea 5 zł
Black coffe 5 zł
White coffe 6 zł
Espresso 5 zł
Doppio – double espresso 8 zł
Cappuccino 7 zł
Latte macchiato 10 zł
Wiener Melange 10 zł
Galician mulled wine – with cloves, orange 10 zł
Hot chocolate 10 zł
Pepsi, 7-up, Mirinda, Tonic Schweppes 0.2 l 4 zł
WBottled water – still / sparkling 0.33 l 3 zł
Tymbark juice 0,3 l 5 zł
Lipton Ice Tea  0,2 l 4 zł


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If you are interested in organizing a party, event or booking a table in our Tavern please contact us (18) 441 63 90,or send us an e-mail: biuro@miasteczkogalicyjskie.pl